I have always loved stories. I have been listening to stories ever since I was born. My parents love stories and they shared that love with me.

Soon after I could talk, I started to make up stories of my own. I don’t remember what these stories are though. Then when I was about five my aunt wrote down one of the stories that I told which was about a girl with a pot for a head, apparently that story is still around – somewhere.

Since then I have been writing and telling stories. Although, I cannot say that any of them since then have featured a girl with a pot for a head. But I do write fantasy mostly and you never know, there is a chance that a girl with a pot for a head would show up (I doubt it though).

Writing has become one of my main passions along with reading and psychology, especially Myers-Briggs personality types. If you write you sort of have to read. And the psychology stuff has helped me as I figure out characters.

I hope to make this blog a place for writing where the different aspects of it are explored. I don’t want this to focus just on writing because without other things there would be no writing.

I hope for this to be a place that not only embraces writing, but embraces all of the things that help writing to be what it is.

I will be posting every Tuesday and Friday starting August 21 2018.