NaNoWriMo Tag – 2019

The first draft isn’t about getting it right, it’s about getting it done. – Ava Jae

This is basically my last chance to do this tag this year, and since I have sort of been doing NaNoWriMo this year I thought that this would be fun to do.

Since I am going to try to get to ten thousand words this year, let’s get started!

1. How many years have you participated in NaNo?

This is my fifth year which I find kind of amazing because I don’t feel like I have been doing it this long.

2. Are you a planner, pantser, or plantser?

This year I was an extreme pantser, I did not even start until November 6 which I do not recommend. I try to be a planner, but this year and last I was very much a pantser. This year the pantsing is not working very well because I have not even gotten to ten thousand words… Hopefully, I’ll at least get that far this month… but we’ll see. I just don’t have time right now.

3. If you are a planner/plantser, what are the first story elements that you flesh out?

I will usually have a vague idea for the plot with NaNoWriMo and I will focus on the characters. Plot won’t get me through NaNoWriMo, but characters usually give me enough to write about.

4. NaNo Forums? Do you use them?

I’ve looked at them briefly once, but I have not used them.

5. Writing Buddies? Do you prefer to write socially or alone?

I write alone. I tend to do better that way, it is too distracting if I am writing with other people.

6. Do you diligently write 1,667 words a day, or do you write in spurts?

I try to write something each day. It may only be a few sentences, but I have noticed that when I don’t write even for a day it tends to be harder for me to start writing again.

7. Do you have a writing totem?

No… I am not even sure what that is… Should I know?

8. Do you go to kick-off, write-in, or wrap-up parties?

I have not gone to any of those.

9. When writing, are you an analog (handwritten) or digital writer? Does the same apply to when you’re taking notes or brainstorming?

I usually write on a computer for the actual novelling. When brainstorming, I like to write on paper, though sometimes I will use both.

I hope that you enjoyed! I should go work on my NaNoWriMo book more. If you are doing NaNoWriMo this year, how is it going for you?


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