Enneagram Types Summed Up In One Fictional Character

The Enneagram… is an ancient symbol, the meaning of which Enneagram students and teachers alike are continuing to decode today. – Nhien Dougherty

So last year I was taking a Abnormal Psychology class and for the exam one way that I would remember the different mental illnesses was to connect them to a fictional character. For some reason it was mainly characters from the BBC Sherlock… It did not mean that the characters had it, but they were exhibiting a few of the traits and using this method to remember the different mental illnesses definitely helped me to do better on the test. I guess that is what happens when you are actually an English major…

Anyways, you are probably wondering what this has to do with the blog post that I am writing today. I was thinking that if I could connect the different Enneagram types to different fictional characters it would make it easier to remember them. At least, it will make it easier for me…

And hopefully it will help you too.

Also before we begin here is a link to a free Enneagram type quiz that I have found to be fairly accurate. So, if you do not know what your Enneagram type is or if you just want to double check you can take this test.

Anyways, let’s begin! This is going to be a fun one for me to write, and I hope that it will be a fun one for you to read.

Type 1

Image result for hermione granger

I choose Hermione Granger for Type 1. She wants to be perfect at everything. That is why she reads her textbooks so obsessively, that is why she does not like Divination. She has this need to be perfect. She sees the world as black and white, as good and evil, as people who do their homework and idiots.

Type 1 tends to strive for perfection. They hate failure, and that I feel like really is the way that Hermione Granger is.

Type 2

Image result for sam gamgee

Samwise Gamgee feels like an almost perfect pick for Type 2. He spends the entire series helping mainly Frodo, but really whoever needs help. He is fiercely loyal and protective about those that he cares about especially if someone wants to steal a ring from them.

Type 2 is called the Helper. I do not feel like I need anymore explanation.

Type 3

Image result for tiana princess and the frog

Tiana is who I choose for Type 3. She is an achiever and is willing to do whatever she has to do to fulfill her dreams even if that does mean that she has to kiss a frog.

The reason that this works well for Type 3 is that they tend to have a vision and once they do they want to accomplish it. No matter what it takes. So, whatever it takes.

Type 4

Image result for loki

Loki is the fictional character that I choose for Type 4. Just so you know, I am basing this completely off the Marvel movie Loki because I have read maybe three Marvel comic books and I am not sure that Loki was even in them…

Loki wants to be special. He wants people to pay attention to him and wonder why he is different than everyone else.

Type 4 basically does not want to be basic. They want to be different from everyone around them.

Type 5

Image result for sherlock holmes

I feel like Sherlock Holmes is a fairly obvious choice for Type 5. Sherlock Holmes is an observer, he is the person who would rather watch the world and not participate. He only really interacts with people because he lives on Earth and as such it is impossible for him to avoid all human interaction. The only reason that he likes people is when they create a puzzle for him to solve, usually by being dead.

Type 5 are intelligent and often prefer to observe the world rather than get involved in it. It is less messy that way.

Type 6

Image result for narcissa malfoy

For Type 6, I have picked out Narcissa Malfoy. I know that this is probably not the most expected character, but I really do have my reasons for it. Type 6 is called the Loyalist, they tend to be loyal, suspicious, and responsible. Narcissa Malfoy is very loyal to her family, her husband and her son, and she will put them above everything, even the side that she has aligned herself with failing. She would rather make sure her loved ones are alright.

It is because of her loyalty to her loved ones that I choose her for Type 6, not because of anything else.

Type 7

Image result for peter pan

I choose Peter Pan for Type 7. Peter Pan is full of fun and games and laughter. He does not want to take things seriously. He just wants to have fun and games, and everything else can just go to the crocodile.

Type 7 wants to enjoy life and that is why I choose Peter Pan because I feel like what he wants is to have fun.

Type 8

Image result for catherine de bourgh

Lady Catherine de Burgh is the first fictional character that came to mind when I was thinking about Type 8 unfortunately. Lady Catherine de Burgh is quite controlling. She believes that there is only one right way to do something and that she always knows what that one right way is.

Type 8 is always in control of the situation and they usually do know what they are doing, so I definitely am being over a bit unfair to Type 8, but this is the first one that came to mind and the first one that comes to mind is probably the best one for me to connect Type 8 to.

Type 9

Image result for miss honey

I feel like Miss Honey from ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl works really well for type 9. She is very caring and has high ideals. However she does whatever she has to do to keep peace between her students and Miss Trunchbull. In fact she seems willing to do just about anything to keep peace with Miss Trunchbull, and the only time that she will interfere is if her students are in dangerous.

I feel like that Type 9 are willing to suffer a lot to keep the peace as long as no one else is suffering. They will do anything that they can to protect others and to keep the peace. That is why I choose Miss Honey for Type 9.

These are the fictional characters that in my mind have come to represent the different Enneagram types. I would love to hear what other people think of the ones that I have chosen, and also if you have different fictional characters that you associate with the different Enneagram types I would love to hear about those as well!

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