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Stay faithful to the stories in your head. – Paula Hawkins

I found this on Jane Ridgewood’s blog and thought that it looked fun, and since I am in the middle of Camp NaNoWriMo I wanted to do something easier today and this seemed perfect. Though I was not tagged for this, so I just stole it.

Since I want to work more on my Camp NaNoWriMo project, I am going to dive into the questions now.

What genres do you write?

When I first started writing everything I wrote was fantasy, more high fantasy with Elves and Dwarves. I have tried a mystery which did not go as well as I was hoping.

And recently I have been writing more in the sci-fi and modern fantasy genres.

I’m hoping to try some other genres, especially historical and realistic, but I have to wait for a story that will work for them. I read books in most genres, so I think that that may help me as I work with different genres

What setting gets you the most productive?

Most productive place to write for me is probably at my desk with some sort of classical music playing.

If you have multiple story ideas, how do you go about picking which one to start on first?

What often happens in a situation like that the stories get combined because I want to write them both. It actually often works for me and ends up with the plot being more complex and interesting.

If they don’t work together I go with the idea that is more developed which is usually the one that I am slightly more excited about.

Do you outline?

Sometimes. It really depends on my mood when I am getting ready to write a book. I tend not to do very detailed outline when I do outline though, just the big plot.

I do think about my writing a lot though, and often will have a much more detailed outline like that, but it is easier for me not to write it down.

Do you start your first draft with pen and paper, typewriter, or computer?

I do most of my writing on a computer now. I used to do it all by hand, but then I found I hated typing up the drafts and that I could go faster by computer, so I switched. When I outline I usually do that by hand though.

What do you do to get through writer’s block?

I’ve found talking to someone about it and taking a walk often help me.

Do you format your project from the beginning or worry about that later?

I always format. It makes everything so much easier for me.

Do you edit as you go or when you’re finished with the first draft?

I don’t edit as I go along. Editing is something that comes afterwards.

After finishing your drafts/manuscript how long do you give it a break before you start going back over it or do you give it a break at all?

I tend to give my first drafts at least a month. As of yet, I have not gotten through a second draft, but I would want to try and give that about the same amount of time.

Is there something that you prefer to do to get you through writing? (Playing music, tv, having your favorite drink, or food) 

I tend to listen music while writing, and sometimes I’ll have something to drink, either water or tea depending on my mood and what I feel like.

Do you schedule your writing sessions?

I have half an hour scheduled in the evening, but I try to write more than that. However that half hour is always for writing which is helpful when I am busy.

Do you have word count or chapter goals for your writing sessions?

No, easier not to. Some days are better for writing than others and having consistent goals for a writing session is not going to help me. I will make monthly writing goals to get to a certain word count though, that gives me more freedom in how much I write a day.

Are there any quirky things you do to make your projects more fun?

At the beginning of each writing day, I will choose a font and a color to write in for that day. It lets me see exactly how much I have written for that day, and changing the font and color helps me focus on writing because it is not the exact same as it was the last time that I wrote.

Do you work on multiple projects at one time? 

Sometimes. I try not to, but when I am one of them is my fun project and one is more serious. That way I can switch it up depending on how I am doing with the writing.

How often do you research what you’re writing?

I have mainly written things that I don’t need to do much research, but when I do need to research I stop and find out a bit about it. Usually it is a few times in a first draft. I’m sure that I will need to do more for the later drafts, but at this point the most important thing is to get it written.

How do you organize your projects? 

Saved in folders on my computer.

Do you reward or punish yourself for achieving or missing out on your writing goals?

Not really. Occasionally I will not let myself have chocolate until I have written a certain amount of words, but that is rare.

Are there any works similar to your projects that you look for and use – for inspiration and/or comparison?

I can use most books for inspiration to keep on writing, to keep on trying to write something that I can publish.

I don’t compare myself to other writers. I am not that writer. So, it is not really a good idea for me to compare myself to someone that I am not.

How early do you wait to start looking for and hiring editors? 

I have not even really thought about looking for an editor.Where I am with my writing right now, an editor would not be helpful.

If you’ve finished a first draft or a manuscript. Tell us how you felt afterwards. (Pick your favorite) If you’re not through the first draft yet tell us how you’re feeling about it at the moment. 

I felt amazed and sad. I could not believe that I had actually finished it, but I felt sad that the journey was over.

I hope that you enjoyed this. If you feel like doing this tag, feel free to consider yourself tagged. If you do though, I’d love if you would link back to me, so that I can read your answers!


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