Artistic Distraction

If I waited till I felt like writing, I’d never write at all. – Anne Tyler

In our world there are so many amazing ways to create things.

There is writing, weaving words into sentences, and those sentences into poems or stories. Writing is a way to share your thoughts and dreams with others.

There is painting, dabbing paint onto canvas, making thoughts and dreams into reality. Painting is a way to make thoughts and hearts visible.

There is knitting, taking knitting needles and yarn and creating something beautiful and useful out of a tangle of yarn. Knitting is a way of caring for others, of showing them just how much you care about them.

Writing. Painting. Knitting. My list could go on. There are so many different kinds of things that people can create. It is incredible, amazing.

The trouble is that creating is difficult. It takes planning and practice. Creating anything is not something that can be taken lightly.

Everything takes time to create.

In this day and age time is something that often seems to be in short supply despite the fact that it is so much easy to track every minute. However there also seems to be so many more ways to get distracted and not create.

Distraction is something that makes it so hard to create sometimes.

There are so many distractions that it is often hard to make time to create anything.

And often when we do write only create when we feel like it. Often those times come too far between.

In the world of all the distractions that we have it is difficult to take the time to write or do any of the artistic things that we truly care about doing. There are so many things to do with work, school, and family.

Then when we do take care of those things there are other things that are easier to do than actually work on something artistic. It would be easier to watch TV or a movie or read a book or play a game or check one’s email.

In our world there are never ending distractions which makes it hard to do what we care about.

That is why it is a good idea to take time each day to work on your artistic writing whether it is writing or painting or knitting or another form of art.

In a world of distraction it is important to choose to take the time to follow one’s dreams.

Because if you do not choose to take the time for it, you will never get it done.

Today I am challenging you to take a few minutes and work on your artistic project, your artistic dream. Because if you do not work on it, it will never get finished since you are the only one that can make your artistic project reality.

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