The Confusion of Introverts and Extroverts

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. – Albert Einstein

What is an introvert exactly? What is an extrovert really?

The widely excepted definition for an introvert is someone who gets their energy from being alone.

And the usual definition of an extrovert is that they get their energy from being with people.

But this is a definition that definitely is not always accurate.

I identify as an introvert and there are certain people that I that I do end up getting energy from being around certain people. Usually though it is when I am in a small group that I will end up with as much or more energy when I first meet up with the people.

However, if this is the case does that mean that I am an extrovert?

But I know that I am not an extrovert.

So, the definition of an introvert does not quite hold up when we actually look at it closely.

Then I know extroverts who are absolutely exhausted after being with people. I know extroverts who are willing to spend an hour with people and barely speak when they are tired.

Being quiet with people and being tired after being with people is supposed to be an introvert under the definitions that I have given above, so does that mean that these people are not extroverts?

I doubt it.

However, we see that these common definitions of introvert and extrovert do not quite work.

But until recently the definition of an introverts as needing to be alone to get their energy and the definition of an extrovert as getting their energy being with people was the only definition that I knew, even though that definition has never quite worked for me once I really started understanding introverts and extroverts.

Now though when I was looking into the introverts and extroverts stereotypes I found a new definition that makes so much more sense to me for the true difference between an extrovert and an introvert.

The difference is that extroverts have a higher threshold for stimulus and so they will seek out higher stimulus situations such as large parties and such.

And then the new definition for introverts is that they tend to have a fairly low threshold for stimulus and so they would rather be in smaller groups.

I feel like these definitions make a lot more sense.

They are at the same time more accurate and less confining.

I am so glad that I have found this definition even though it has meant spending a while searching.

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