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The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge. – Thomas Berger

Today I have a writing tag to share with you! I found it on Another Hartman Writer and thought that it looked like it would be fun and would give you a better idea of what I am doing writing wise lately.

I hope that you will find it at least somewhat informative as to my writing and writing habits.

Now without further ado, the questions and answers!

1. What type of writing do you do?

Stories and poetry and novels.

I write a lot of stories of different lengths from short stories to novellas. I enjoy writing stories because they are shorter and allow me to explore different topics without too much difficulty.

I love writing poetry. Poetry tends to be my go-to when I want to write, but I am in a writing slump; although that is definitely not the only time that I write it.

My big project at the moment is a five book fantasy series. I had finished the first three and was working on book four, but it wasn’t working the way that it was supposed to, so I’m working on book one again. I think that this time it will turn out the way that I want it to.

2. What genres/topics do you write about?

I tend to be a fantasy writer, although I have been venturing into sci-fi and mystery.

Those work well for my writing since I tend to write a lot quests. My heroes tend to be heroes, so writing those kinds genres so far have seemed to work well for that.

3. How long have you been writing?

I really started to write stories and write more consistently about five-six years ago. Before that I did write some, but it was not at all consistent.

4. Are you published?

Not yet. I hope to be some day. Right now though I just have to get a story edited enough that I could send it to publishers. Right now most of my stories are still in the first draft.

5. What was the first story you ever wrote?

The first story that I ever remember actually writing down and finishing was a about a queen who got kidnapped and escaped. I think I was about eight or nine when I wrote that.

And I have no idea what has happened to that story. I kind of wish that I still had it just because then I would be able to see how far my writing has come.

6. Why do you write?

Because there are stories that have to be told. If I didn’t write them down they would escape in another form.

7. How do you find time to write?

I have half an hour scheduled to write a day, and then I’ll take other times as they come.

I find time to write because that is one of the things that I care about.

8. When and where are the best time to write?

The best time to write is any chance you get. We live in a world that there is so much going on. We have to take every opportunity that we get to write.

For me the best place to write is in my room where it is fairly quiet and I can have music playing without bothering other people.

9. Favorite foods/drinks while writing?

I don’t usually eat while writing, but when I do it’s usually chocolate.

My favorite thing to drink while writing is tea. In the summer I’ll sometimes make it into an ice tea, but usually I’ll have it warm.

10. Your writing playlist?

I listen to a lot of different things while writing. Mainly soundtracks.

My favorite to listen to is probably ‘Lord of the Rings’ though.

11. What do friends/family think of you writing?

I have a fairly artistic family, so my writing is really nothing out of the ordinary.

Several of my friends are also writers, so yeah.

12. What parts of writing do you enjoy the most?


Basically I love learning about my characters.

So, basically any of it that is related to a character.

13. Parts of writing you find challenging?

Descriptions. Descriptions are so difficult for me. It’s something that I need to work on.

14. What do you write with/on?

Mostly on my Chromebook nowadays, but sometimes I will write by hand.

I used to write all of my stories by hand, but when I started to want to edit them and I had to type up 30000+ I started to write more of my stories on my Chromebook.

15. How do you overcome writer’s block?

I tend to just write through it. It’s not fun and it’s not easy, but it does seem to get rid of it within a week.

Of course, for me, I don’t get writer’s block really unless I am not sure what is going to happen next in a story. So, I have to figure that out.

To do that I write.

Eventually what is supposed to happen comes. And the writer’s block leaves.

16. How do you motivate yourself to write?

Having something that is going to happen in the story that I am excited about will usually motivate me.

But I write even when I don’t have motivation, so in a way it doesn’t matter if I have motivation to write.

It has gotten to the point for me that writing is a habit. Writing daily is a habit. So, even if I don’t have motivation I have to write.

17. Author(s) who inspired you to become a writer?

Gail Carson Levine. J.R.R. Tolkien. C.S. Lewis. Brandon Sanderson. J.K. Rowlings. Jane Austen. Brandon Mull.

. . . And I could continue this list.

Basically any author that I have read and I have enjoyed their writing has in some way inspired me to write.

19. Writing goals this year?

  • Share more of my writing
  • Write the first draft of the first book in a series I’m working on
  • Get so that I can consistently write a thousand words a day

20. Best advice you’ve gotten as a writer?

Gail Carson Levine says not to throw anything that you write away, and that is something that I have found very helpful because there have been times that it has really helped to be able to go and look back over things that you have written.

So, that is the end of this post. Hopefully it has given you a bit of a better idea about my writing.

I’d love to hear the best piece of advice that you have gotten about being a writer! You can never know too much about writing.


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