Lord of the Rings Races Myers-Briggs Personality Types

In this fellowship were Aragorn and Boromir son of the Lord of Gondor, representing Men; Legolas son of the Elven-king of Mirkwood, for the Elves; Gimli son of Gloin of the Lonely Mountain, for the Dwarves; Frodo with his servant Samwise, and his two young kinsmen Meriadoc and Peregrin, for the Hobbits; and Gandalf the Grey. – The Return of the King

When I was first getting into Myers-Briggs personality types I tried to search what Lord of the Rings race I would be based on my Myers-Briggs personality type, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I was able to find out what magical creature I was based off of my Myers-Briggs type, but I was not able to find out if I would be an Elf, or a Dwarf, or a Hobbit, or a Man.

At the time that was quite disappointing, and it is a disappointment that never completely disappeared.

So, today I have decided to rectify that disappointment by writing that post myself.

Now, as long as they can find this post no one will have to be disappointed like I was, although I can’t guarantee that you will like which race I choose for you.

Also, if you are unsure of which Myers-Briggs personality type you have, this test is fairly accurate and free.


Image result for gimli

The stereotype of an ISTP is basically a tall Dwarf without a beard, so of course they are a Dwarf.


Image result for aragorn

A Ranger, I mean, a Man who is a Ranger. That way they could explore and visit new places and help people, although they would probably want to have a companion with them on their travels.


Related image

An Elf. They are creative and love nature.


Image result for pippin lord of the rings

This is a Hobbit. They enjoy being with people and having good times and good food.


Image result for gimli

A Dwarf who makes beautiful, traditional things and does not like to be disturbed when they are working. They are also very good at making sure that the younger Dwarves are doing what they are supposed to.


Image result for thorin

A Dwarf. This Dwarf is probably the one in charge of the mines.


Image result for sam and rosie lord of the rings

ISFJs are Hobbits through and through. Home and family are very important to them.


Image result for frodo

Another Hobbit. There is no way that this personality type could be anything else. They enjoy being with people and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.


Image result for gandalf

A Wizard, sorry.

Actually I’m not sorry because this makes perfect sense.


Image result for gimli
Image result for aragorn

I am really torn between a Man and a Dwarf for the ENTP. They both fit fairly well.

Dwarfs like creating things. They tend to argue and have strong opinions. However, they do tend to be unchangeable, rather like stone.

Men are quieter and more ready to change. That is not to say that they do not have strong opinions though.

However, as I am thinking of it more I feel like an ENTP is more likely to be a Man.


Image result for galadriel

An Elf with their wisdom this makes so much sense.


Image result for pippin lord of the rings

A Hobbit who loves parties and good food.


Related image

An Elf. The fact that both Elves and INFJs tend to be all mysterious and distant kind of makes this inevitable.


Image result for faramir

This one is difficult! Probably a Man though. I feel like this way they would be able to help and care for lots of people.


Image result for elrond

Elrond, sorry, not doing individual characters in this post.

So, an INTJ is an Elf. They plan ahead and like things to be in order. They are good at planning things and are good at strategy.


Image result for boromir

They’re Men. They are ready to command. They know how to and are not afraid to do so.

What do you think? Do you feel like your race fits you?


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