Extrovert Stereotypes

Stereotypes lose their power when the world is found to more complex than the stereotype would suggest. When we learn that individuals do not fit the group stereotype, then it begins to fall apart. – Ed Koch

A little while back I shared with you some stereotypes that have sprung up around introverts, today I would like to share with you some of the stereotypes that have popped up around extroverts.

Although before we actually begin I just want to say that introverts have kind of taken over the internet. When I searched introvert stereotypes to start getting some more ideas for my post there were so many post about introvert stereotypes, but then today when I was searching for more ideas for this post there were so few posts on this and some of the ones that I did find were on introverts as well as extroverts.

Really, though introverts have taken over the internet.

Poor extroverts…

I almost feel like I should write a bunch of posts just about them, but I really am not sure what I would write about right now.

Anyways, enough digression.

We should get to talking about extrovert stereotypes.

Extroverts are Leaders

Some extroverts are leaders, of course. And some introverts are leaders. It just depends on the person.

Extroverts always want to be the Center of Attention

Does any one like to be the center all of the time?


At least, most people don’t .

And if they do that has nothing to do with them being an introvert or an extrovert.

Extroverts are Shallow

Um… no. I’m really not sure where this idea came from.

They are just better at being open than introverts a lot of the time. That has nothing with being shallow and superficial.

Just because extroverts tend to have an easier time talking about their emotions and stuff like that does not mean that they are shallow.

Extroverts are good Orators

It just depends on the person. Really a lot depends on the person.

Extroverts always like working as a Team

I believe it was an ENTP, an extrovert, named Tony Stark who said something along the lines of ‘I work best alone.’

Some extroverts work better as a team and some would rather work alone.

Although I feel like this stereotype came into being because a lot of extroverts like to be with people a lot of the time.

Extroverts won’t stop Talking

It just depends on the extrovert and the person.

Anne Shirley is an introvert and as a child she talked just about constantly.

It just depends on the person.

Although it is probably more likely that an extrovert will not stop talking than an introvert, but it really depends on the situation and who they are with and a bunch of other factors.

Extroverts are all about Themselves

This is probably the worse of all the stereotypes and the least true.

Extroverts do care about others. Just because they are an extrovert, does not make them a psychopath.

They do care about others. They can listen. They care. They are human.

Extroverts are always full of Energy

Actually extroverts get tired just like everyone else. Extroverts need time to relax as well as introverts.

Extroverts are Always Happy

No one is always happy. We don’t live in a world that that is a possibility.

Extroverts are Never Shy

No one is never shy. Unless that is a gift that that their fairy god-mother gave them. Since there is no way that all extroverts have fairy god-mothers who have given them the gift of never being shy, it seems impossible that extroverts are never shy.

Extroverts can be shy just as well as introverts can be.

So, those are some of the stereotypes of the extrovert, and I have managed to add another page to the amount of pages on extroverts which is always good!

What do you think of these stereotypes? Are there any that you think should have been included on this list?

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