Fablehaven: First Lines

Today I want to share with you the first thing that the characters in Fablehaven say.

I’ve done this with all of the Harry Potter books, and I thought that it was interesting to see how even from the first thing that many of the characters say it is possible to tell something about their personalities.

Warning: There may be minor spoilers for the book ‘Fablehaven’ by Brandon Mull.

So anyways, let’s get started!

Seth Sorenson: Why didn’t you tell us Grandpa Sorenson lived in India?

This really is something that Seth would say. 

Marla Sorenson: It won’t be much longer. Enjoy the scenery.

Kendra Sorenson: I’m fine.

In the first book even main characters often don’t have interesting first lines…

Scott Sorenson: The food is supposed to be incredible. Snails, fish, eggs, the works.

Stan Sorenson: Why can’t they stay with Marci?

The Sorensons really like using ‘S’ in the men’s names.

Lena Burgess: Aren’t you pretty? You must be around fourteen.

Dale Burgess: Just taking some milk to the woods.

Muriel Taggert: Hail, young master, what brings you to my home?

Maddox Fisk: Among other things. Call fairies my specialty.

Without context this is just a bit weird.

Newel: What are you doing?

Doren: Clumsy work.

Ruth Sorenson: Get down.

Nero: Not a good day. Try me next week.

The Fairy Queen: I accept your offering, and join you in weeping.

That is all of the first lines of all of the named characters in the first Fablehaven.

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