Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 7 – Year Past

On the seventh day of Christmas, 
my true love sent to me 
Seven swans a-swimming
-Twelve Days of Christmas

This is the very last day of 2018. It seems hard to believe for me at least.

So many things have happened, and yet it does not seem as though the year should be over yet.

Today is a day to look back over what has been accomplished in this past year and also to look forward to a new year where there is so much potential and possibility.

So on this last day of this year I would like to share with you some of my blog posts that I wrote this year, and also why I have chosen to share these ones with you.

The Stone Wall Called Writer’s Block

This blog post is special to me because it is the first that I ever wrote. Now I realize that it probably wasn’t the best idea for my first post to be on writer’s block, but it really is too late to change that now.

The Lost Books

I am including this post because I hate when libraries have to get rid of books. I know that it is necessary because there are always new books being written, but there are certain classics that should be at the libraries that I have not been able to find.

10 Things I Love in Books

This one is reminder for me of things that I should write about.

Enneagram Type 1 – The Reformer

I am proud of this post because it is then that I start to realize that I don’t have to write this so that it looks in any way like an essay. I feel like it was then that I really started to grow in writing for my blog.

Twenty Questions Book Tag

This here because it is the first book tag that I ever did. And if you have been following my blog you will know it was not my last though.

How to Write a Tanka Poem

This was a post that for some reason I remember having a lot of fun writing.

Book Review: Fablehaven

This was the first time that I ever tried to review a book, so I was not sure what I was quite getting myself into. It took me a long time to write just because I wasn’t quite sure how to do it.

ENFP At Hogwarts

I was so excited when I started this series (still am actually). I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to read it, but it was something that I wanted to write.

The last two in this series will be coming out soon.

First Lines: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

This was another of those things that just randomly came to me and I thought ‘why not?’ So, it got written.

6 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

I wrote this when I had been blogging for six months.

5 Reasons I Love Writing

I did not feel like writing when I wrote this, but writing it reminded me why I write.

Narnia – The Writing Tag

This was a tag that I made up, although it hasn’t taken off. It was fun for me to come up with. (And if any of you want to do it, please, consider yourselves tagged!)

My Favorite Books Read In September 2018

This was the first time that I had done something like that, so it was a new experience for me.

NaNoWriMo 2018: A Warning

This post amuses me, although it didn’t at the time. And looking back on it doing NaNoWriMo was one of the best things that I did this last year.

Five Random Questions – Tag

This one made it onto this list because it was the first time that I was tagged and did not just steal someone’s tag. So that was exciting for me.

That brings us to the end of my blog posts throughout the year. As I looked through my posts to decide which ones to use for this I was amazed at how much I have grown as a blogger and as a person. I hope that 2019 will bring more changes that will be for the better.

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