Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 6 – MBTI Christmas Activities

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love sent to me
Six geese a-laying
-Twelve Days of Christmas

Merry Sixth Day of Christmas!

I hope that this Christmas season is going well for you.

Today I have suggestions for something that each of the different Myers-Briggs personality types might do in this festive time.

If you are not sure what your type is and would like to find out, here is a link to 16 Personality’s test, as I have found that one to be quite accurate and it is free.


Baking cookies for everyone.


Go out caroling with friends and family and afterwards have mulled cider and Christmas cookies.


Figuring out exactly where the Christmas decorations should go and then putting markings in those places so that everyone will know that that is where the tree or whatever goes.


Has a list of activities to do that Christmas season including decorating gingerbread houses and ice skating.


Decorating the Christmas cookies so that they look like mythical creatures, especially unicorns.

And when anyone tells them that mythical creatures are not Christmassy having a very detailed explanation for why they are.


Dances to Christmas music.


Hiding and carving cars and other things out of wood.


Decorating the roof of their house with Christmas decorations.


Reads a Christmas book and drinks hot chocolate.


Giving everyone cookies and inviting them to a Christmas party that they are hosting for everyone who does not have plans already for Christmas.


Comes up with multiple theories for how Santa Claus gets into peoples’ houses that don’t have chimneys.


Somehow makes it snow on Christmas because it is traditional even if where they are there should be no snow.


Writes Christmas poetry for their cat.


Has a Christmas party for puppies.


Figures out what all of their presents are before Christmas by just looking at the wrapping.


Arguing with anyone and everyone about random Christmas traditions, and singing Christmas songs that you did not even know existed.

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