Random Information on MBTI

This I guess is what happens when I have too much to write and not enough time. (Which can be blamed on NaNoWriMo.)

So today I thought that I would share with you a few of the sites that I find helpful in learning about MBTI.

So I would say that the one that has 16 Personalities is where I get a lot of my information on the different MBTIs in general. My main issue with this site is that the people who they say have so and so personality type I don’t always find very accurate, but it is not hard to interpret people’s personality types differently especially when they are dead or fictional characters. 

Another site that I have found interesting information on is Thought Catalog. The information here is more for fun than anything else and it is very rare that it actually helps me in writing a blog post. The other problem with this site is that once you start looking on it there always seems to be another article that would be interesting to read. 

This is a blog post that I have found helpful for figuring out MBTIs of characters. I have not found it completely accurate, but they are accurate part of the time and it is helpful. 

I do use other sites as well, but these three I have come back to multiple times. So, yeah.

Hopefully this will be helpful for you!

What sites do you use to find out about MBTI?

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