Fall Book Tag – 2018

The important thing is not to stop questioning. – Albert Einstein

Fall, autumn, is one of my favorite seasons. I love when things start to cool off and the trees change color. Autumn is just such an amazing season.

So, when I saw this fall book tag on Adventures of Bibliophile I knew that I had to do it. And I wasn’t tag, so I’m just doing it because I’m a rebel that way.

Now let’s get started with this exciting new book tag!


Crisp Fall Air – A Book That Felt Fresh and New

There’s no book that ever feels completely new. And so this is actually a very difficult question for me to answer.

But I will find something.

Hood by Stephen Lawhead.

It’s the well known story of Robin Hood, but set in Wales. It’s a great twist to a classic story.

Image result for hood by stephen lawhead summary

Howling Winds – An Ending That Blew You Away

The fact that we’re talking about howling, makes me think of Howl’s Moving Castle.

This was a super fun read.

And the ending really did a good job with finishing up the story.

Image result for howl's moving castle book

Comfy Sweaters – A Book That Gave You the Warm and Fuzzies

The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery.

This is an amazing book. This book is not as well known as some of the other books by her, but it might be my favorite.

Image result for blue castle book

Bright Colors – A Cover with Either Red, Orange, or Yellow

The Skin Map by Stephen Lawhead.

I guess I’m in a Stephen Lawhead book mood, but he really is an interesting writer and I enjoy his books a lot.

By the way the book is not as creepy as its name might suggest.

Image result for stephen lawhead books

Leaf Fight – A Book with Non-Stop Action

Right now I have to say The Stormlight Archives, at least books one and two. I haven’t had a chance to read the third one yet.

They were amazing! There was always something going on and the way that it kept on changing perspective always kept me on my toes, although I was always happiest when I was reading about Kaladin, he’s the most interesting character in my opinion at any rate.

Despite the fact that the second one, Words of Radiance, was just over a thousand pages I read it in about four days.

So, I would definitely say that this counts as it being non-stop action.

Image result for stormlight archive books

Pumpkin Spice – Your Most Anticipated Read

Right now I gave to say that I’m most excited about reading Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson, the third book in the Stormlight Archive.

This book came out quite a while ago, but I just started to read Brandon Sanderson’s books this summer. So, now I’ve started to read his books and I’m enjoying his fantasy books.

Image result for oathbringer book

This was a fun post to do. I hope that you have enjoyed reading it as well.

If anyone else wants to do this feel free to go ahead and do it.

What is a book that you are looking forward to reading?

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