14 Kinds of Villains

You underestimate the power of the dark side. – Darth Vader

I was planning on writing another blog post on different types of poetry, unfortunately though when I sat down to write about that my mind refused to function. However, my mind has decided that it can and will function if I write about the different types of villains.

So, today we are going to be talking about the different types of villains. There really are a lot. There are the intimidating villains. There are the nice villains. There are the geniuses and the not so geniuses. There are the ones who are just misinformed and then there are the ones who really are villainous.

But villains all seem to have one thing in common and that is that they oppose the hero of the story and have some sort of twisted notion about how the world works.

I just want to make it clear before we get into this that we are talking about villains rather than antagonists. And the difference between the two is that villains actually want something that is not right, and antagonists just get in the hero’s way which is kind of annoying for the hero.

Although, it can be very, very hard to distinguish between the two and there is definitely a grey area in there, so an antagonist and a villain may get mixed up. Not characters, just what one thinks of them.

Now, that we all understand that we are talking about villains and not antagonists, let’s get started!


We often get to see more from these villains perspectives. Often they are actually rather nice in some ways. They tend to be much easier than most villains to sympathize with, but at the same time in some ways they can be even scarier.

They just have done and are doing evil things. They don’t have morals, or at least not the right ones.

Authority Figure

This is a person who is in a place of authority like a principle, or a boss, or someone else. They are abusing their power, and they want even more power.

The hero has to stand in their way even though this villain often has the power to completely mess up their life.

The Beast

This villain is a monster. Sometimes literal monster. Their single purpose is to destroy the hero. Often they don’t even have a reason.

The Mastermind

They sit behind the scene directing everything. They make sure that everything is going to plan.

They often are the ones who have lots of minions to be the brawn of the operations while they are the brain. They tend to actually need their minions which is always good for the minions, I guess.

The Bully

This is a villain that everyone can identify with. They are a bully, I doubt that I even need to explain what this is.

This is a villain that is most common in comedies or coming of age stories. They can also be used to show character growth, like at the beginning the hero can’t stand up to the bully, but at the end after facing a much greater villain they can stand up for themselves or someone else.

The Corrupted

This is a villain that used to be good, but because of things that happened to them they have turned evil and bitter.

I feel like this is one of the saddest kinds of villains. They had so much potential to do good, but then they became bitter and turned evil.

The Criminal

This is villain who is just in it for money and/or power. They don’t have any special moral justification. This is just what they do.

The Big Evil

This is the leader of villainous group. They want to rule the world or something equally drastic. They usually have lots and lots of minions, and even some of the other villains work for them although they are probably just waiting for a chance to become the high villain.


Minions are not exactly villains on their own. They need someone to tell them what to do. They tend to be rather weak minded or else they like evil, but are not good at coming up with villainous plots on their own.

Their main purpose seems to be to try and kill the hero, and they often fail dismally at that.

I’m not even sure that I should include them in this list because they are not really real villains.


This sort of villain is one that I really hate, but it can be very effective. This is a villain that was once a friend of the hero, but for some reason they have turned against them.

Usually because of cowardice where they had to choose between their own life or betraying their friend, or sometimes this is a person who was never really the hero’s friend.

At any rate, this is a villain that betrays the hero after the hero thought that they were friends.

The Vengeful

This is a villain who wants to get their revenge. They have some sort of reason for it, but it is often skewed.

And either because of who the hero is or what they stand for the villain wants revenge on them.

The Dark Knight

This villain has very strict sense of right and wrong. They are going to do what they believe is right no matter what it costs, no matter if it is against the laws. They have a mission that will make the world a better place and since it will make the world a better place murder and violence are justified.

The Unhinged

This sort of a villain usually has something psychologically wrong with them. They tend to act in an unpredictable and often socially unacceptable way (although, most villains don’t act in a totally unacceptable way).

One often feels sorry for these villains, but they are rarely actually liked.

The Equal

This is a villain who is equal in strength, skill, and wits to the hero. The only real difference is what they believe in.

This can be a good one to show what a hero really looks like because it is only the hero’s morals, their choice of the good, that makes them different than the villain. I’m not saying that the hero and the villain are exactly alike, but they tend to be similar in multiple ways.


This is a villain that is just plain evil. They don’t seem to care about others at all. They are basically evil incarnate so that the hero has someone to fight.

Well, that was a lot of villains, and there are even more types that I did not mention in this post. Even my brain is done with villains for a while.

Hopefully this will help you to distinguish between different kind of villains! What is your favorite kind of villain?

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