Humans Are Unique

Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Personality is a part of us. Without personality we would simply be. Each person would not be any different than the next person.

True, each person might look different.

But it is how we act that makes us each so unique. Twins may be identical and at first it may be impossible to tell them apart, but once you get to know them confusing the two of them is much, much harder, and that is because they each have their own unique personality.

Personality is a very important part of each person. Without it we would be exactly alike: blank slates upon which nothing was written and nothing would ever be written.

Personality is a valuable part of us, and one that never ceases to interest and amaze us. People have come up with so many theories about people and personality that we can probably go our entire lives without learning about all of them. And even if we were to learn everything that is known about personality there would still be more that we could learn.

Personality and why we act as we do is a subject that some of us never grow tired of learning more about.

That is probably the reason that I find different personality theories so interesting.

These last few months I have spent quite a bit of time talking about the Enneagram personality theory. Last week I put up my post on the very last type, Type Nine.

Before I started doing these I thought that I knew so much about the Enneagram theory, but I have learned so much from writing about them. Reading and writing about something is so different.

I feel so blessed to have had this chance to write about each of the Enneagram Types. I have learned so much and I have had a lot of fun writing about them.

So, today I thought that I would give you links to all of my Enneagram Type posts, give you a bonus link to my post explaining about the Enneagram theory, and then tell you a bit about my next personality project.

Here is the link to my blog post explaining about the Enneagram Theory: Characters Need to be Human.

Then here are the links to all of the Enneagram types if you are interested in looking at any or all of them!

Type One
Type Two
Type Three
Type Four
Type Five
Type Six
Type Seven
Type Eight
Type Nine

I hope that this will be helpful if you ever need to find out about the types of the Enneagram theory! Hopefully it will make it easier for you to find them if you want to do that.

Now, a bit about my next project!

This one is going back to the Myers-Briggs Personality theory, but this time we are going to Hogwarts!

There are so many sites that have sorted the Myers-Briggs types into houses, so I’m not going to do that. If that’s what you are looking for here are some sites that have those: this one and that one.

But I was talking about Myers-Briggs in the different houses with my siblings and we decided that really any Myers-Briggs type could be in any house. It would just depend on the person, of course, there are houses that they are more likely to show up in.

So, my next project is going to be going over the different Myers-Briggs types and talking about how they would act in each of the different Hogwart houses.

One last thing before I close: Happy Fourth of July to all you in the United States!

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