Enneagram Type 7 – The Enthusiast

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today I would like to share with you the most exuberant of all the Enneagram types, Type Seven. Type Sevens are the ones who are constantly amazed by life and always ready for an adventure.

An important part of understanding any Enneagram type is understanding their basic fear and their basic desire. This is the core of the Enneagram type theory, so it’s the best place to start. They may not even realize that they feel this way, but if they examine their deepest motives they will realize that these actually are a part of the way that they think.

Basic Fear: Of being deprived, of being in pain
Basic Desire: To be content and satisfied, to have their needs fulfilled

Overview of Type Seven

Type Sevens are well named the Enthusiast, they are enthusiastic about almost whatever catches their eye. They approach life with wonder and optimism. They are on the look out for adventure and excitement. Boredom is something that they absolutely hate.

They tend to be fast learners. They have quick, agile minds that are always up to a challenge. They are tend to be good with learning manual skills as well as mental ones. They tend to learn a lot of different things, but still be good at all of them. The trouble with this is that they can be good at and enjoy so many things that it can be hard for them to choose what they want to do with their lives.

Type Sevens can get a lot done when they are motivated. They want to be driven forward barely even having time to catch their breath. This means that if they feel like they are stuck on a project for too long they may just abandon it. They also will sometimes do this with people, even when they know that they should not.

Type Seven with a Wing-Six

When they have this wing they are also known as the Entertainer.

With this wing they tend to be more committed to what their projects. They also tend to be more committed to the people around them. They are more focused in the present, and they are more aware of what goes on around them and the dangers.

Having this wing can also make them more anxious since they are more aware of danger. They are also more likely to feel guilty when they abandon one of their projects.

Type Seven with a Wing-Eight

When a Type Seven has a Wing Eight they are sometimes called the Realist.

They tend to more assertive, more grounded, and less afraid of being hurt. They also tend to be better at moving from planning something to actually doing it.

This wing can also make them more self-absorbed, and also they will sometimes believe that they are superior to those around them.

Type Seven in Growth and Stress

When Type Seven is stressed they tend to act more like unhealthy Type Ones. They become perfectionistic and critical.

When Type Seven is in growth they tend to act more like healthy Type Fives. They tend to become more focused and also more fascinated with life.

People and Characters who are Type Sevens

People often believe that by dividing people into personality types they are putting people into boxes, but this is not the case.

Each person is different.

However, this can be hard to see when one is reading about the personality type. I’ve found that for me the best way to see this difference is to meet people who have the same personality type and yet are so different, but since this can be hard at times it also works to look at famous people and fictional characters who have the personality type.

So here are some people and characters that are Type Sevens. Hopefully it will help you to understand how this personality type works, and also help you to see how different each person is.

Real Life Type Sevens Include:
Fred Astaire
Amelia Earhart
Robert Downey, Jr.
Carey Grant
Katy Perry
Britney Spears

Fictional Type Sevens Include:
Aladdin (Aladdin)
Alex Russo (The Wizards of Waverly Place)
Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
Fred & George Weasley (Harry Potter)
Lydia Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)
Peter Pan (Peter Pan)
Sirius Black (Harry Potter)

Understanding people around us is important. It allows us to help them and to forgive them. I hope that this post has helped you to understand people just a bit better. If you are interested in learning more about how the Enneagram type theory works, here is a link to a blog post that I wrote on that: Characters Need to be Human. If you want to see if you are a Type Seven or which Enneagram type you are, here’s a link to a test: Enneagram Test. I’ve used it; it’s free and accurate.

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