Enneagram Type 3 – The Achiever

The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege. – Charles Kuralt

Enneagram Type Threes want to do something spectacular with their lives. They want to be someone.

The Enneagram Personality theory believes that each type has a basic fear and a basic desire, and that if one wants to understand this type one must first know what the basic fear and the basic desire is. So that is where we are going to start in learning more about this Enneagram type.

Basic Fear: Of being worthless
Basic Desire: To feel valuable and worthwhile

Overview of Type Three

Type Threes when they are at their best accomplish amazing things and also inspire others to accomplish things. They tend to be respected and liked in their social circle. They want to be the very best that they can, however, them wanting to be the best that they can at something can only extend skin deep by them just caring about how they appear to others and not who they really are.

Type Threes want to be successful, they want to be worthwhile, and they want to be loved. In choosing what they want to do in life, their decision often reflects this. They will often choose their career based off of what the society around them appears to believe in good and worthwhile. They also tend to buy and do things that fit in with the image of success that they believe in. They do not usually consciously seek out these things, instead they are usually unconscious.

They tend to have a difficult time letting people get too close to them. They are unconsciously afraid that if they do that person will realize that they are not exactly what they appear to be and that person will stop caring about them. Type Threes need to be appreciated.

Type Three with a Wing-Two

The Type Three with a Wing-Two is called the Charmer.

And they really are.

The Type Three’s natural charisma and charm is combined with a real love for those around them.

They tend to be warmer and more willing to let people become close to them.

They do tend to seek validation from others even more, and often they will try to mold themselves to be what they are expected to be.

Type Three with a Wing-Four

Type Three with a Wing-Four is called the Professional.

They tend to be more concerned about making themselves who they want to be both inside and out.

They tend to find getting to know people an interesting and helpful challenge. They tend to understand people fairly well.

They also tend to be more likely to listen to themselves in who they want to be and less likely to listen to the world around them.

Type Threes with a Wing-Four can also be more moody and introverted with their thoughts more turned inwards. They may throw themselves into relationships recklessly and pull out just as quickly because it makes them feel better about themselves.

Type Three in Growth and Stress

When Type Threes become stress they tend to detach themselves those around them acting more like a Type Nine when the Type Nine is not acting very well. They tend to lose interest in the people and things around them.

When Type Threes are growing they tend to act more like Type Sixes when the Type Six is doing well. They tend to become more cooperative with those around them. They also tend to be more loyal and committed.

People and Characters who are Type Threes

To understand a personality type it helps to know who has it. That is why when I am learning about a personality type, I always look at people and characters who have this personality type. So here are some people and characters who have the Enneagram Type Three.

Real Life Type Threes Include:
Bill Clinton
Anne Hathaway
Mitt Romney
Taylor Swift
Andy Warhol
Oprah Winfrey

Fictional Type Threes Include:
Boromir (Lord of the Rings)
Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter)
Professor Gilderoy Lockhart (Harry Potter)
Helen Parr a.k.a. Mrs. Incredible (The Incredibles)
Tiana (Disney’s The Princess and the Frog)
Scarlett O’Hara (Gone with the Wind)

It is my hope that this has helped you to understand Enneagram Type Threes. I have had a fun time writing this, and hopefully it has been as enjoyable for you to read it. If you are interested in more of an overview of what the Enneagram type theory is here is a link to a post I wrote on that: Characters Need to be Human. Also if you want to find out if you are a Type Three or what Enneagram type you are, I have found this test to be pretty accurate: Enneagram Test.

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