How to Write a Shadorma Poem

Poetry is a language in which man explores his own amazement. – Christopher Fry

Shadorma is a poem that very little about the origin is known. It is Spanish, but nothing is known about the poet who invented it.

A shadorma poem has six lines.

Each line has a certain amount of syllables. The first line has three; then five; then three; then three again; then seven; and finally five. So, it is 3/5/3/3/7.

Shadorma poems do not rhyme.

So, now let’s go through the steps to write a shadorma.

First of all, there is the subject to be decided. If a poem does not have a subject it would go badly very quickly. For this poem I am going to write about the path of life.

Just like with other haiku like poems writing out ideas about the subject is a good idea. Some ideas are easier to write down than other ideas, but even if it seems like it is impossible, just try.

I found this idea a bit harder to write ideas down for, but here is what I got: a path that is impossible to see the end of; the only right way is narrow and straight, hard to find and harder to stay on.

That was what I managed to get. The subject made it harder for me to come up with ideas for.

Once you write down your have an idea and write down some things about it, I edit those ideas into a poem.

Here is my poem once I edited the ideas into a poem here is what I got:

Path of Life

Path that is
Impossible to see
The end of.
The path is
hard to find and harder to
forever stay on.

That is how I write a shadorma poem. I hope that this helped you as you write and explore different kinds of poetry.

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