One Mountain Scaled

Writing is mainly perspiration, not inspiration. – Roald Dahl

Today I reached my first goal in writing this blog. No, it is not that I got to one month (I am actually in my second now). The goal that I have reached is that I have posted a description on every single Myers-Briggs Personality Type!

I know that that may not sound like much, but for me this journey has been huge.

There have been times where I just want to give up, and write something that at that moment sounds easier. Then there were the times when this was all that I wanted to write (often just to try and finish it).

There is an exaltation beating in my heart, and a tiny voice within seems to whisper ‘You have done it! You have done it!’

But there is a part of me that wishes that I wasn’t finished. I have had so much fun writing these and I have learned so much more about the characters. It is also hard to let go of what has become familiar.

However, now I understand these personality types so much better than I did when I was first setting out to share the different Myers-Briggs personality types.

Knowing these personality types better is going to help me to write my characters in a more three-dimensional way. Knowing personality types will help me to build my characters into more realistic, memorable characters. When I first start writing a character I have a vague idea of who they are, but it’s very vague. What I know may be just their part in the story, or their name, or perhaps a character stereotype.

Then I start exploring the character’s role in the story, and I figure out what their personality type should be. At first they may seem a bit of a stereotype of a personality type, but the more time I spend working on them the more they seem like a person and the less they seem like a character.

At least, that is sometimes how I figure out my characters, at other times I have just jumped head long into a story without knowing anything about the characters except their names (and sometimes not even that). Then later I realize, ‘Oh! this character is an INTP! That makes so much sense!’ Or ‘So-and-so is an ESFP! That’s why they did that!’

Either way it happens knowing enough about Myers-Briggs will help me know how a character will act in a situation.

If you are interested in learning more about the different Myers-Briggs Personality Types, here are the links to the posts that I wrote on them:

Now that I have finished writing the descriptions of the different Myers-Briggs Personality types, I am excited to start working on another big project.

Starting next week I am planning to do a series of blog posts on the different Enneagram types. So conquering one goal just leads to another, or that is what happens to me.

Well, I can’t say that I am disappointed about that.


5 thoughts on “One Mountain Scaled

  1. This is fascinating. I am creating a file for each link you added.

    What I have learned since creating my own blog is discipline. My little blog is not world famous. I have a nice number of visitors every day but even if I only had one I owed it to that one person to create interesting content.

    The blogs that we create help us in the long run with our own writing. We learn to set aside a certain time and go to work.

    Thank you again for the links. They will go a long way with my characters and their development.

    Liked by 1 person

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