ESFJ – The Provider

I think love is the through line and it’s universal and it doesn’t matter what period of time, time or place, or people, that’s something we all connect to. That’s the thin thread that I think keeps it altogether.
– Rachel McAdams

This personality type, the ESFJ, is one that loves other people and loves being with others and helping them in anyway that they can.

Before we look at how the character works together as a whole I would like to look at the various functions that make this personality type what it is. First, E which stands for Extrovert, this means that ESFJs tend to get their energy from being with others rather than being alone. Then is the S standing for Sensing which means that they tend to focus on the tangible rather than the abstract. After that comes the F and this stands for Feeling, this means that they would prefer make their decisions based on emotion rather than logic. Lastly is the J which stands for Judging and that means that ESFJs would rather plan ahead and know what is going to happen in advance than just be spontaneous.

Now that we have talked about the different parts of the ESFJ let’s talk about how these functions work together to form an entire character.

The first thing to know about the ESFJ is that they love people and want to help them. They need to be needed by others.

ESFJs tend to be down to earth people.

The ESFJ feels like they need to be in control of their situation at all times.

ESFJs are very sensitive. They tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves. So criticism is especially hard for them to cope with. Also, the ESFJ looks to others for approval. They need to be loved, liked, and needed.

They are traditional. They believe that laws and traditions are there for a reason and should be followed because of that. Holidays are special days for the ESFJ because it allows them to bring out all the traditions that they followed as a child.

Family and friends are the most important thing in an ESFJ’s life. They are very loyal to those that they care about. They will take upon themself a family member’s trouble as it it were there own.

ESFJs tend to spend most of their time with people. They enjoy going to parties and other social events.

ESFJs are very generous in giving of their time, themselves, and their resources.

The ESFJ has a very strict moral code which is shaped by the world around them. They hold themselves and everyone around them to that code. In their code there is no grey, only black and white.

Just like all the personalities, the ESFJ has a dark side. So that we may understand this personality type better, I would like to take a few minutes to talk about their dark side. Remember, when I am talking about a personality type’s dark side, I am talking about it when it is at its worse, so please, bear that in mind as you read the following.

ESFJs will sometimes become aggressive when they feel that their loved one is being hurt. This can cause them to become quite scary.

The ESFJ can also lash out if they feel that what they do is not appreciated.

Now that we have talked about ESFJs a bit and understand them better, I would like to share some people and characters who have this personality type. For me, at least, knowing who has this personality type helps me to understand a personality type better.

Real Life ESFJs Include:
Vin Diesel
Gal Gadot
Selena Gomez
Anne Hathaway
Vanessa Hudgens
Hugh Jackman
William McKinley

Fictional ESFJs Include:
Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit)
Troy Bolton (High School Musical)
Wendy Darling (Peter Pan)
Kronk (The Emperor’s New Groove)
Effie Trinket (The Hunger Games)
Molly Weasley (Harry Potter)

I hope that this has helped you to understand the ESFJs better. If you are interested in learning more this site has some good information: ESFJ.

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