INFJ – The Counselor

You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world and you must impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.
                                                        –Woodrow Wilson

All personality types are complex, but when someone is thinking of a Myers-Briggs Personality type being especially complex they tend to choose this personality type. So today we are going to look at this ‘complicated’ personality type.

To begin let’s go over the individual letters. The letter I stands for Introvert which means that this personality type needs time alone to recharge. Then comes N which is for iNtuitive this means that they tend to focus on the big picture rather than the details. After that comes F for Feeler which means that they tend to make their decisions rather than their heads. The last letter J standing for Judger means that INFJs would rather plan ahead than jump into something with no idea of what they are doing. 

Knowing the individual letters can be somewhat helpful, but if we really want to understand this personality type, we need to look at it when it is complete, when all the letters are working together to make one whole.

INFJs are gentle, caring, and very complex people. People are very important to this personality type. Even though they are introverts and enjoy spending a large amount of their time alone, they still need people in their lives. In fact, many people who know them will never even realize that they are introverts because INFJs enjoy being with people so much. They are sometimes called the Extroverted Introvert, but whether this description is accurate depends on the person.

What makes the INFJ so mysterious is how good they are at reading people and situations. The INFJ does this instinctively often, and if they were asked to explain how they were doing it would have no idea.

INFJs will use their ability to read people to help them through difficult times. They may not offer advice to the person, but they will listen to them.

INFJs are idealist who want to make the world and everything in it a better place. They want to change the world for the better. In a way every type wants to do this, but INFJs are not only idealist they are also doers who will try to make their dreams reality.

They constantly want to help others. This means that you can often find this type trying to make a difference in their part of the world. The way that INFJs are trying to make a difference may be by homeschooling, or teaching, or leading, or counseling, and I am not even mentioning half the different ways that INFJs are trying to change the world.

Another thing about INFJs that is interesting is their empathy. They can actually feel another’s emotions. This can be very helpful with helping them to understand how another person is feeling. The downside of this ability is that it can make so that they cannot distinguish between their own emotions and the emotions that actually belong to someone else.

INFJs are creative. They enjoy writing and drawing.

Now, INFJs may seem like very nice, albeit mysterious, people, however they like everyone else has a dark side, and since it is so rare that this type shows its dark side it is actually quite dark.

First all, there is the INFJ door slam. This means that they completely cut that person out of their life. Of course, that person has usually hurt the INFJ in multiple ways until the INFJ is pushed over the edge and just shuts them out. Still, it is probably not the best way to deal with that situation.

Then INFJs can also become very manipulative when they are upset. And they are good at manipulating if they want to be.

Lastly, INFJs can become quite evil if they believe that they are doing something for the general good. If you find an INFJ villain in literature this is probably what has happened to him or her.

Now that we have gotten through the dark part of INFJs we can look at some of some of the people that have this personality type.

Some Real Life INFJs include:
Robert Burns
Cate Blanchet
Agatha Christie
Benedict Cumberbatch
Carrie Fisher
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Carl Jung

Some Fictional INFJs include:
Caspian (Narnia)
Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre)
Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird)
Galadriel (Lord of the Rings)
Obi-wan Kenobi (Star Wars)
Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)
Daenarys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)

I hope that this has helped you to understand this personality type. If you would like to get more details on INFJs this is a good place to start: INFJ.


4 thoughts on “INFJ – The Counselor

  1. Fascinating. Thank you for sharing. I’m curious how many writers are INFJ? This seems to be a common trait for those who create. It’s kind of scary but I saw a lot of me in your examples. To the point where I started to feel uncomfortable. Excellent material. I hope you post more of this topic.


    • Thank you! I am glad that you enjoyed it. INFJ seems to be one of the more common personality types to be writers; that may be because of how they want to be understood by others and yet have difficulty opening up to people.


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