Fablehaven: First Lines

Today I want to share with you the first thing that the characters in Fablehaven say. I've done this with all of the Harry Potter books, and I thought that it was interesting to see how even from the first thing that many of the characters say it is possible to tell something about their … Continue reading Fablehaven: First Lines


One Year

You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. - Maya Angelou Today marks exactly one year of blogging for me. I started my blog exactly a year ago today. I am so amazed that I have actually been blogging for year. A year ago yesterday I started really thinking that … Continue reading One Year

INFP At Hogwarts

There lived four wizards of renown,Whose names are still well known:Bold Gryffindor, from wild moor,Fair Ravenclaw, from glen,Sweet Hufflepuff, from valley broad,Shrewd Slytherin, from fen.They shared a wish, a hope, a dream,They hatched a daring planTo educate young sorcerersThus Hogwarts School began.Now each of these four foundersFormed their own house, for eachDid value different virtues.-J.K. … Continue reading INFP At Hogwarts